If you want to commission me, please refer to this page.

Render preview

🖼️ Static rendering


Let me bring your imagination to life with the most straightforward commission, loved by everyone.

The base will be raised to $55 in June 2024.

📷 Resolution
All rendering is based on 4K(3840×2160) resolution.
🌌 All-inclusive
Basic includes 2 characters and 1 complete scene, additional characters for every $10.
🎞️ Variant
You can add one rendering variant for every $8.
😎 Private
You can choose not to publicly release the rendering.
Model preview

🧍‍♂️ Character model


Create a game character model that you enjoy and utilize it to create amazing content.

The base will be raised to $120 in June 2024.

😳 As you wish
Based on your ideas, make everything about this character.
💎 Competent
I will do my utmost to create the character you adore and ensure your satisfaction.
👕 Costume
You can add additional payment to increase the clothing for the character.
💸 Rebate
When others obtain the model, you can receive a maximum commission credit of 10%.
Model preview

📹 Animation (Not available)


Create a looped animation with sound.

I'm still thinking.

Frequently asked questions

Feel free to contact me through Discord.

How should I pay the commission fee?
The final payment method is through Buy me a Coffee or Patreon, Please communicate with me for specific payment methods.
What is a variant?
Based on the differential rendering of this project, it can include switching angles, changing poses, adding clothes for switching, sauce, and so on.
Does maintaining privacy require an additional fee?
A confidentiality fee of 15% to 50% is required to ensure privacy and compensate for the time invested in the project.
However, if certain parts of the project can be released without any problems, this fee will not be applicable.
Can I post the commission content to a public platform or share it with friends?
Of course, you can, but you cannot resell or directly release the commission model without going through me.
How long does it take to make?
Depending on my current work schedule, the longest will not exceed the current month, you can discuss with me.
Not satisfied with the commission results?
During the production process, I will continuously send you previews to ensure that the commission is heading in the right direction. You can make improvement requests at any time, so let's work together to create a beautiful outcome.
Can you explain in detail how Rebate works?
When your commission model is acquired by other Patrons, I will inform you and you will receive a credit of $5, with a maximum limit of 10% of the total cost of your commission, creidt can be used for future commissions.